15 Apr 2018

Trends in Commercial Fit Outs

The appetite for commercial space is growing, with a number of key trends emerging within the sector

As demand for commercial space continues to increase globally and the way in which people work evolves, the fit-out market is having to rapidly adapt. A number of distinct trends are emerging, with a marked shift towards denser, more agile spaces, and an emphasis on staff well-being and sustainability. The industry seems to be on an accelerating disruption curve, highlighted by a number of distinct trends, which are discussed below.

Density and flexibility

Urban space is at a higher premium than ever before in most major cities, so we are seeing a shift towards denser commercial spaces. Both clients and developers want to maximize the use of space. The trend towards hot-desking and activity-based working (ABW) is prevailing in recent commercial fit-outs, as density increases and flexible working becomes more popular. Hot desk facilities typically account for 20% of the overall floor space in recent developments, as desk ownership begins to become a somewhat antiquated concept. ABW provides freedom of choice in how, when, and where people work, recognizes that people need a variety of work settings to help them to be more effective and engaged.  In the North East of the US, for example, Linesight has been implementing ABW for a number of clients. While it is not a ‘one size fits all’, it leans towards 100% unassigned seats (and sometimes less depending on the sensitivity of the information the groups deal with within the organization). By analyzing the building occupancy through desk sensors, the actual seats per head required for spaces can be accurately determined. Technology is following suit in terms of agility, with desktops often being replaced by laptops in new fit-outs, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) replacing desk phones in some circumstances. Instant Messaging (IM) services, such as Skype for Business, etc. are helping in this regard. Significant overhauls of IT systems may need to take place for ABW to work effectively, but there are potential pitfalls if the technology is not put in place or available.

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