Long Term


Long Term Service is offered to Clients and Investors who requires an advisor or expert to be engaged in leading Development Approvals which spreads over the lifetime of the project or until certain Approvals are secured, and involves management of key stakeholders, and 3rd Party Consultants.

Leading Building Dept. Permitting Works

  • Coordination with the Development Team
  • Control the permitting strategies on behalf of the Client
  • Prepare RFP for all type of Consultancy Works – AOR, Alterations, Modification, and Decoration works
  • Monitor Local Consultants and AOR progress and Performance
  • Attend meeting with the Authorities if required
  • Lead Permitting Meetings on behalf of the Client
  • Draft and issue official letters
  • Provide Approval Programs

Master Planning – Urban Planning PMC

  • Provide Approval Strategies
  • Define Phasing – Zonning Schemes
  • Support Master Plan submission to the authorities
  • Providing compliance check list before proceeding the submission to the authorities
  • Providing advice and strategy to reduce the authorities cost as much as we can
  • Managing and controlling the consultant to secure the required approvals from all relevant authorities i.e. DM, RTA, DCCA, DP etc.

Permitting – NOC’s PMC

  • Evaluating the prequalification before appointing AOR consultants
  • Providing permitting Mitigation for all approvals delay
  • Providing fast tracking strategies to expedite the construction commencement date
  • Reviewing the material before proceeding the authority’s submission
  • Attending major meetings with all authorities to resolve the critical items
  • Provide code compliance list to make sure that the design is in line with the authorities guidelines
  • Following up the required approvals during the construction to meet BCC planed date
  • Assisting the customer to fulfill all the required approvals for projects launch

Leading Macro and Micro TIS Works

  • Coordination with the Development Team
  • Lead the Coordination with the TIS consultant and RTA
  • Provide Approval Programs
  • Draft and issue official letters
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